Using foliar fertilizers to help crops overcome summer heat stress.

When the soil root system is damaged and the transportation of nutrients and water is difficult, when the root is infected with diseases that affect the health of crops, or when heat stress caused by continuous high temperatures environments, all of these can be alleviated through the use of foliar fertilizer.

What is Foliar Fertilizer?

When it comes to fertilization, we tend to think of soil fertilizers or organic fertilizers first. However, agricultural experts have a secret weapon to improve crop quality - foliar fertilizer.

Nafertino Foliar Fertilizer Features and Advantages

Complete Nutrient Formula, Special Product Manufacturing Process, and Significantly Reduce Time and Labor Costs

TE fertilizers relieves virus infection

All leaves were collected in the same passion fruit field, and all the passion fruit had virus infection problem. After using Nafertino TE fertilizer, the passion fruit started growing normally.

Nanofertilizer and microorganisms

By using the advanced nano-grinding systems and special formulas, nutrient sources are able to be degraded into small particles that can be used by microorganisms immediately.